Choujin X

Choujin X

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Preliminary (1/? chp)
Mild spoilers for the first chapter in order to outline the premise

Review of chapter 1

I’m personally very excited to see Sui Ishida come out with something new again after having such a bad time with tokyo ghoul:re but, also being a fan of tg, I’ll try not to be biased going into this very short review based on the first chapter.

Story: 6/10
(includes spoilers for chapter 1)
It’s not easy to tell in which direction this will go but so far we have a pretty basic shounen-esque premise about two friends, one being very popular while the other one is the quiet type. This world is inhabited by mankind and the so-called Choujin, posessing individual supernatural powers reminiscent of superheroes, except using it, as far as we know, mostly to cause evil.
Our two mcs, being the naive high schoolers they are, like playing the hero and get into a fight with such a Choujin, eventually leading to one of them being transformed into a Choujin.
This might seem very reminiscent of tg to many people but so far the story has a different and more light-hearted tone than tokyo ghoul to me and even with the stories sharing similarities there are many ways to build upon this concept.

Art: 9/10
This is obviously subjective but I loved the art in tg and this is equally as good so far, having multiple detailed double spread pages in only one chapter.
The fights feel very lively and dynamic, character designs are recognizable, there’s really not much to dislike.

Characters: 7/10
(includes mild spoilers for chapter 1)
The dynamic between our two mcs Tokio and Azuma is already being built up and can only get better from here on out. Having them not be on equal footing makes their friendship more interesting and leaves a lot of room for development on both sides.

Enjoyment: 8/10
What can I say, this was a solid first chapter to me and I can only hope for even better ones in the future, whenever that may be (This won’t have a structured release schedule due to Ishida’s experience with that while working on tg).

Overall: 7/10
Hard to judge a story by only a first look at it but this is promising so far.

this was written on a whim btw feel free to disagree if i am talking bs

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